Package Treatment Plants

  • It is a flexible system designed for replacing existing septic or new on site systems in municipal, private development and industrial process wastewater applications for superior BOD/TSS removal and nitrification/denitrification.
  • It maintains high levels of bacterial concentrations because it is a “Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment” process. This in turn provides stable operation, breaks down biodegradable constituents in the wastewater, and prevents bulking conditions and settling problems.
  • With high bacterial concentrations then the Modular FAST® system provides long sludge age, achieving nitrification and denitrification easier. Less sludge is produced.
  • Because bacteria are attached to the FAST® media in the aeration zone, the system prevents washout of bacteria enabling the FAST® system to handle easily peaks in hydraulic loads. It is highly resistant to hydraulic and organic shock loads.
  • As there is only one moving part requiring electricity – the air blower – it has low energy requirements.

There are three treatment processes in the one tank:

  • Aeration
  • Clarification
  • Aerobic Digestion



This is the latest pre-engineered wastewater system for municipal and industrial applications from Smith & Loveless.

The innovative TITAN MBR™ marries the wastewater treatment engineering expertise of S&L with existing submerged membrane technology. The combination yields a dynamic membrane biological reactor (MBR), a system that provides end-users with high-quality treatment performance, minimal operational requirements, and a robust design that will stand the test of time. TITAN MBR™ delivers results with value-added engineering experience available only from S&L.

Plants come in standard and custom designs, and result in smaller footprints than conventional systems. The submerged membrane eliminates clarifiers and sand filters while still producing significantly better effluent quality. Integral zones can be added to meet particular effluent goals, including nutrient removal, disinfection, and post-aeration.

TITAN MBR™ Brochure – click here