Services Division

CST’s comprehensive in-house Services Division offers plant and equipment maintenance services to extend equipment life, avoid failures, and keep equipment and processes operating in optimum condition. We can service wastewater treatment, fine screening and grit removal technologies installed either by us or by other organisations.


All valuable assets will depreciate faster if they are not regularly inspected and maintained (an audit at least once a year and maintenance where it is needed).

We offer flexibility in maintenance services and provide three levels of services to meet your specific requirements including:

1.     Equipment Performance and Operational Inspections:

a.     Equipment Performance Inspection – CST has specialist technical staff that can provide an inspection and reporting service to ensure plant and equipment provided by us is performing to its peak capability and meeting performance targets.

Cost savings are often achieved following this service through reduced chemical and electrical consumption as well as reduced operational staff input.

b.     Equipment Operational Inspection – Our maintenance technicians can provide an operational inspection of your plant and equipment and report on areas requiring immediate or future attention including recommendation of spares to be on hand for planned or unplanned service.

2.     Breakdown Maintenance: CST can provide a breakdown maintenance service on equipment supplied by us throughout Australia. With a warehouse of key spares for CST-supplied equipment, we can provide parts and labour at short notice to get your plant operational.

3.     Planned Maintenance: We can provide planned and programmed maintenance service, including full maintenance reporting. Planned maintenance services are undertaken at agreed scheduled intervals based on equipment supplier recommendations.

As part of the planned maintenance, we can incorporate (where possible and agreed) remote monitoring of your plant. This allows our technical and maintenance staff to fully understand the plant’s condition and arrange for the necessary actions to rectify performance or operational issues.

Planned maintenance services offer the certainty that the plant and its equipment are meeting all performance and operational requirements, whist keeping operational costs to a minimum.

All our service arrangements are made through straightforward and clear contract agreements detailing the work to be carried out, spares usage, and agreement on plant shutdown, if required, to work within customer schedules and operations.

We would be pleased to discuss and customise a maintenance strategy that will provide cost and performance benefits to your operations. For any service enquiries, please call +61 2 9417 3611, or Contact Us today.