Mesh Filters

1_Image_1_Mesh_FiltersThis is fine mesh filter.

It has applications in industrial sectors for separation of solids from wastewater or process liquors.

The filter meshes are typically 100-200 micron.


Indicative capacity in m³/hr with different filter meshes




The ideal solution for separation of medium – fine solids from wastewaters and process liquors. Completely made of stainless steel, this filter combine a high structural strength with process performance and simplicity hard to find in other equipment used for this operation.

The solids separation, obtained by couples of vertical rotating discs, allows important factors: 

  • Automatic outlet of sludge from inside of discs by simple over accumulation of same. 
  • Continuous cleaning of filtering panel by the same solid material accumulated between the discs. 
  • Filtration effect on angle-plate surface due to rotation of discs adjustable from 3 to 18 rpm. The solids particles get in touch with the filtering panels not perpendicular, but on an angle that improves drastically the filtration efficiency and is variable according to discs speed.

The microfilter is used in many industries: Slaughter-houses, Tanneries, Textile Industries, Animal Breeding Farms, Dyeing Industries, Industrial Laundries, Wood Industries, Paper Mills, Food Industries and Plastic Recycling Plants.