Biogas Reuse



Green Power from Biogas : with our partners GWE we are able to help solve your requirements.

GWE has built some 50 biogas utilisation plants worldwide over the past 15 years.

GWE biogas guarantees are unmatched in the industry and we have a documented 100% track record in meeting and exceeding them.

GWE combine specialized know-how in generating biogas with our extensive range of anaerobic reactors, and in supply and installation of biogas re-use and handling systems for fossil fuel replacement or power generation.

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  • Flares: Elevated Flares, Ground Flares and Shielded Flares
  • Biogas Processing Sulfurix™ , Gasodrix™
  • Biogas Re-use Calorix™, Biogas Burner & Dual/Triple Fuel Burners, Green Power & Generators