Lamella Plate System

Weijman System Plate Settlers

Old Technology in a Modern Concept

Plate settlers have been around for over a century, an English patent is dated back to 1886 and French design back to 1887. During the 1930’s, plate settlers were used in mining and mineral industries to separate out heavy particles.

In the late fifties, Professor Gunnar Weijman-Hane began a study at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. This led to the modern plate settler technology and the GEWE lamella sedimentation system.

This system has been further developed, utilising computer design, achieving almost total efficiency in the use of plates with hydraulic flow control and high efficiency of separation

– The Weijman Plate Settler System


Features of the Weijman System

Hydraulic control of influent flow

  • Inlet flume with bottom prevents uncontrolled diving water streams into the basin
  • Inlet flume bottom prevents interference between incoming untreated water and sludge

Equal flow distribution to each lamella cell

  • Baffles sized by computer to reduce kinetic energy of the influent
  • Orifices sized by computer to establish optimum distribution to each lamella cell

Even flow to each lamella cell

  • Adjustable weir resulting in even load in each lamella cell
  • Lamella plates extend above the water surface allowing individual control of flow in each cell

Favourable hydraulic conditions

  • Laminar flow – low Reynolds number
  • Stable flow – high Froude’s number


The Weijman System is used for treatment of potable water and municipal wastewater as well as industrial process water and wastewater. Over 400 installations are in operation worldwide and have been proven in different applications. More than 40 years of experience guarantee for efficient performance.


Water treatment plant
Potable water
Process water
Filter backwash

Municipal wastewater treatment plant
Activated solids process
Tertiary solids removal
Phosphorous removal

Chemical industry Phosphoric acid

Metal finishing Hydroxides

Metallurgical industry
Gas scrubber effluent
Mill effluent
Picking liquids
Heavy metal precipitates

Food processing industry
Anaerobic treatment

Pulp and Paper
Fibre recovery
External wastewater

Advantages of the Weijman System

Saves space….and money

Compact design

  • space saving
  • cost saving

No moving parts

  • low maintenance
  • no spare parts

Simple installation

  • saves money
  • immediate start-up at full capacity

Ease of access

  • individual removal of each lamella plate
  • easily available for inspection

Sludge handling benefits

  • high underflow sludge concentration
  • low cost for sludge withdrawal

Flexible system

  • retrofitting in existing
  • custom design