Septic Tank Receiving Stations

Description and Working Principle

The first step in the treatment of any waste water, both municipal and industrial, is the mechanical treatment incorporating the elimination of gross solids by screening, removal of grit and the removal of greasy floating matter. After this mechanical pre-treatment the waste water is now ready for any further processing. The Septic Receival Station accomplishes this.

All units are available in different sizes depending on application and required throughput.

Performance and Technical Features


  • Flow rates up to 3 litres per second 
  • Sand separation can be included
STU-1 and STU-2

STU-1 and STU-2


  • Absence of bearings
  • Fully enclosed pollution-free machine: absence of splashes or odours
  • Shaftless spiral, therefore no jamming or blocking even if in presence of fibrous products or any other “difficult” materials
  • No mechanical components in contact with waste water neither solids to be handled
  • Low speed
  • Volume reduction up to 40% and more depending on the product
  • Low investment cost
  • Possibility of discharging into plastic bag, single or continuous type
  • No construction works required
  • Low maintenance and operation costs
  • Low installation cost
  • Easy to install
  • Limited space required
  • No or very low organic matter content in washed out solids
  • Low volume of solids for disposal
  • No lifting pump required


MUNICIPAL: Sewage Treatment Plants
INDUSTRIAL: Sewage Treatment Plants