Combined Screening / Grit Removal

Description and Working Principle

The compact Wastewater Treatment Plant (STU/C) is a compact plant to pre-treat sewage entering the plant at flow rates up to 200 litres/sec.

It is a completely enclosed system for an external above ground (or below grade) installation that: 

  • Screens solids from the effluent 
  • Lifts the screenings above the effluent level and simultaneous washes the screenings 
  • De-waters the screenings which are discharged into conveniently placed skips 
  • Separates sand particles / gritl 
  • Lifts and de-waters the grit which is either discharged into the same skip or a separate skip 
  • Optional grease removal

Performance and Technical Features




  • Throughput rates to 200 litres/sec
  • Screen Mesh 3-5mm 
  • Screenings Dewatering 30-40%
  • Grit Removal: 95% of the particles above 200 microns and SG 2.1


  • Stainless steel housing 
  • Shaftless spiral screw made of carbon steel or stainless steel 
  • Prefabricated and limited civil work required


  • Continuous Bagging Unit Heating for cold regions 
  • Screenings washing for faecal removal 
  • Continuous Bagging Unit on outlet
Combined Unit Installation Olympic Site Sydney, Australia

Combined Unit Installation Olympic Site Sydney, Australia