Containerised FAST wastewater treatment adopted for purification and recycling throughout Australia

Environmentally concerned companies throughout Australia are taking up an easily portable solution to wastewater treatment at remote sites that can be built into standard shipping containers. A FAST® unit, the most recent installation of [...]

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Oakey Beef’s spectacular green energy orb opens the way to environmentally outstanding and profitable performance

A spectacular orb-shaped green energy storage facility being installed at one of Australia’s largest beef processing plants is helping to demonstrate how industry can profit from environmental initiatives. The 6000m3 capacity flexible PVC-coated polyester fibre [...]

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Dairy collective reaps green energy and environmental benefits with GWE waste water technology available in Australasia

One of the United State’s newest dairy processing plants features advanced waste water treatment technology that not only radically improves biomass recovery and effluent quality, but also harnesses green energy from waste streams to drive [...]

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Newly installed CST Gut washer improves grade of tallow for Thomas Foods International

CST Wastewater Solutions, one of Australia’s leading wastewater treatment companies, has recently installed a gut washer at Thomas Foods International (formerly T&R Pastoral), Murray Bridge, South Australia. Gut washer installed at Thomas Foods International [...]

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Technology available in Australasia enables global food processor to turn wastewater and solid residues into biogas and green electricity

A global exporter of processed potato products, Remo-Frit, has demonstrated the environmental and economic benefits of converting waste products into green energy, transforming a potential problem into a sustainable solution offering greater profitability. Remo-Frit [...]

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Latest technology and expertise to feature at CST’s FoodPro stand

Leading exponents of locally and globally successful wastewater-to-energy projects for agribusiness and industry will feature on the CST Wastewater Solutions stand R16 at the FoodPro exhibition in Melbourne from June 22-25. Industry experts, Mr. [...]

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