Environmental protection takes to the road with new skid-mounted solid-liquid separator ideal for remote and sensitive applications

Environmental protection takes to the road with new skid-mounted solid-liquid separator ideal for remote and sensitive applications

CST Wastewater Solutions’ new skid-mounted KDS separator, which, at 3.8×2.2m, can be trailer or truck-mounted for portability

A highly efficient low-maintenance liquid-to-solid waste separator has extended its versatility by being offered in […]

Latest global waste-to-energy plant shows Australasian meat companies how to turn production residuals into an energy-generating resource

Another meat processing facility is joining food and beverage processors globally in installing award-winning Global Water Engineering (GWE) waste-to-energy technology, widely applicable to meat works of any size in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

An example of a GW&E RAPTOR™ organic waste-to-energy system in Puerto Rico. A […]

Money-saving KDS sludge dewatering technology solves cost and OH&S issues for small-to-medium councils

A compact and cost-efficient alternative to conventional sludge dewatering technologies is being introduced to Australia to eliminate costs and OH&S hazards associated with damper and heavier output from municipal wastewater treatment plants.

CST Wastewater Solutions’ KDS separator, proven in thousands of applications worldwide
(See animation of the rollers […]

Jewel of the ocean inspires new, environmentally friendly and more hygienic waste water treatment

An environmentally friendly and cost-efficient waste water treatment system is being engineered by Australian company CST Wastewater Solutions for smaller, remote and ecologically sensitive community, municipal, agribusiness and industrial applications throughout the Asia-Pacific.

The two-stage system uses a combination of coarse and fine screening and advanced dry compaction […]

Fine screening retrofit combats the forces of nature to deliver efficiency and environmental benefits for waste water treatment

Operating wastewater treatment plants in flood-prone and sandy areas is fraught with hazard. Overflows and clogging resulting from storms can not only result in smelly, unhealthy and damaging discharges into environmentally sensitive waterways, but also pose OH&S hazards to those charged with the dirty and heavy work of clean-ups.


Compact, clog-free new multi-disc solid-liquid separator provides environmentally friendly and trouble-free high performance

A clog-free automatic liquid-to-solid waste separator is being introduced to Australasia by CST Wastewater Solutions for compact dewatering applications ranging from food processing, food waste, grease trap and waste oil through to municipal wastewater sludge, livestock manure and agribusiness processes.

CST Wastewater Solutions’ new KDS separator

The […]

Globally proven RAPTOR™ shows FoodPro how to transfer organic waste into green energy

By Michael Bambridge, Managing Director, CST Wastewater Solutions, whose company distributes the GWE RAPTOR™ technology throughout Australia and New Zealand. Mr Bambridge has more than 20 years’ experience in Australasian applications of aerobic digestion technologies. CST will be exhibiting at FoodPro 2017, stand S9

Globally successful waste-to-energy technologies […]

CST Wastewater Solutions adds Service Division to fill marketplace gap in engineering expertise to achieve water plant savings

JUNE 2017: Leading Australian specialist water and wastewater treatment company, CST Wastewater Solutions, is adding a dedicated full-time Service Division to the company, to complement its proven wastewater treatment, fine screening and grit removal technologies.

CST’s SFC Vertical Screen Extractor, left, and Smith and Loveless PISTA 360™ grit […]

CST makes waves in Asia with a 3-page feature on managing water in harsh conditions

CST has achieved some outstanding coverage recently, in the February/March edition of Water and Wastewater Asia. The feature story focused on managing water in the harshest conditions – from drought to flood – using two of our recent success stories in Australia, Wakool Shire Council (Tooleybuc) and Richmond Valley Council.

Environmental overachievers Del Monte Philippines Inc. harvest free green energy from food process water

Environmentally advanced technologies available in Australasia are helping transform effluent from crops from an environmental liability into a profit centre. The anaerobic digestion technologies – recently applied to a major SE Asian pineapple producer – extract biogas from crop processing waste water streams to simultaneously raise water quality while generating methane to replace fossil fuels […]