Slurry Press


Description and Working Principle

The Slurry Press is a combined Screw Compactor-Separator which is particularly suitable for de-watering and thickening of effluents in cattle, pig and poultry farms.

By screening and squeezing out the liquid, the Slurry Press manages to reduce slurries to such a moisture content as to guarantee problem-free handling, storage and composting.



  • Low purchasing cost
  • Low service cost
  • All the unit in stainless steel
  • Low power consumption
  • Treatment of all the kind of effluent coming from animal breeding: cattle, pig, poultry, rabbit, etc…

Why Separate the Solids from the Liquid?

  • To reduce the dimensions of the sedimentation basin
  • To reduce the presence of bad odour.
  • To reduce the area where to spread the effluent
  • To reuse the solids as fertilizer
  • To take care of the environment
  • To avoid pipe blockages
  • To easy transport the solids
  • To automate the liquid fertilizer

Separation of Solids from the Effluent in Animal Breeding

The screen systems used up until now, on the effluent coming from animal breeding, only separate the solids from the liquid but do not compact and dewater the solids.

The Slurry Press combines in one machine the separation of the solids from the liquid and the dewatering/compacting of the solids.

That allows to reach:

  • Reduction of the volume of the effluent > 20%
  • Extraction of solids from 25% up to 80 % (depending on the type of solids in the effluent).
  • Reduction of BOD and COD.