Screw Compactors for Slaughter Houses / Abattoirs

Description and Working Principle

One step during cattle slaughtering is the opening of the paunch weighing about 40 kg. Since they can be used as fertilizer, paunch contents need to be compacted to a dry solids content of approximately 30%.

The Screw Compactor, consists of a screw compactor unit additionally equipped with special counterweights and an extra-trough section at material discharge. The compactor is usually fed via a special hopper for reception of pneumatically conveyed material.

Performance and Technical Features


  • Throughput rates up to 8 m³/h 
  • Screw diameters up to 360 mm 
  • Volume reduction of rumen contents up to 40%


  • Trough housing made of stainless steel AISI 304 
  • Shaftless screw made of carbon steel or stainless steel AISI 304 
  • Trough liner made of UHMWPE

Advantages and Innovative Features 

  • Absence of outlet end bearing and intermediate bearing assemblies 
  • No mechanical components in contact with the product handled 
  • Low speed 
  • No jamming or blocking 
  • Fully enclosed pollution-free and odour-free machine 
  • Horizontal or vertical outlet