Water & Wastewater Treatment


CST Wastewater Solutions services division specializes in the design, construction and provision of wastewater solutions for the treatment and recycling of industrial wastewater.

Through our in house expertise in the food, beverage, paper and other industries, and along with our global partners, we are able to offer the latest and most suitable technologies for most industrial clients’ requirements.

Through our partnership with Global Water we are able to offer our clients the latest technology in the high rate anaerobic pre treatment of wastewaters which allows the important production of biogas. Energy production and reduction in carbon footprints are very important by products of anaerobic treatment.



CST Wastewater Solutions supplies a complete range of equipment packages for the water and wastewater industries.

Our equipment is generally manufactured in Australia and Europe to ISO 9001 and EEC standards of safety and design.

  • Screening
  • Grit Removal
  • Clarifiers
  • Conveyors
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • Continuous Sand Filters
  • Microfilters
  • UV Disinfection
  • Packaged Aerobic Wastewater Plants, FAST and Titan MBR
  • Anaerobic Treatment
  • Biogas Reuse
  • Package Treatment Plants for Water Treatment for hire
  • We use advance technology that generates green energy from wastewater



Historic Avondale College offers an example for the future of water and energy sustainability in Australia

Containerised FAST wastewater treatment adopted for purification and recycling throughout Australia

Oakey Beef's spectacular green energy orb opens the way to environmentally outstanding and profitable performance

Dairy collective reaps green energy and environmental benefits with GWE waste water technology available in Australasia

Newly installed CST Gut washer improves grade of tallow for Thomas Foods International

Technology available in Australasia enables global food processor to turn wastewater and solid residues into biogas and green electricity

Latest technology and expertise to feature at CST’s FoodPro stand

Adelaide Processors increases productivity and environmental discharge quality with innovative retrofit of CST technology

Upgrade to high-efficiency CST rotary screen sharply improves solids capture for Golden Circle

Oakey Abattoir’s world environmental initiative banks on biogas to secure a cleaner greener and profitable future

Latin America shows us how to achieve economic and environmental benefits with green energy technology

CST a finalist for Environmental Excellence in Mining Prospect Awards with TITAN QUBE®



Wastewater treatment in a container solves reliability and maintenance issues for remote sites

New Energy Capabilities

New energy capabilities to provide a complete approach to waste water recycling and energy recovery – see our new CST Energy and Water Web Site

Plug-and-play TITAN MBR QUBE™ technology delivers simple, robust environmental performance on remote sites

A simply installed, low maintenance and environmentally effective wastewater treatment system suitable for remote resources, construction and tourism sites is being introduced to Australia by CST Wastewater Solutions

Green energy from wastewater opens up new horizons as carbon costs drive need for change

The meat processing industry is entering uncharted waters as governments worldwide introduce tougher carbon pricing policies and expand community awareness about which industries are posing environmental challenges in terms of air and water purity.


Flat-plate MBR technology ensures robust performance and minimal maintenance


Flat-plate MBR technology ensures robust performance and minimal maintenance

CST Wastewater Solutions’ latest MBR (membrane biological reactor) wastewater treatment, the Smith and Loveless Titan MBR, is a robust and efficient low-maintenance system for municipal and industrial applications.

A BOOM for business as packaged green energy solutions sweeten balance sheets and sustainability

A company introducing some of the world’s most advanced green energy from waste water technologies to Australasia is forging partnerships to help companies more easily afford the most sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for their individual site’s needs


RAPTOR technology digests wide variety of organic wastes to produce biogas for green power generation

CST Wastewater Solutions has partnered with Global Water Engineering (GWE) to supply the RAPTOR system, which stands for Rapid Treatment of Organic Residues. It’s a powerful liquid-state anaerobic digestion process that can convert almost any organic residue or energy crop into biogas, valuable electricity or heat.

More beer from less water - and green energy too!

An Australian brewery’s waste water recovery plant, designed to achieve world’s best practice standards of water reuse and green energy generation, has won a Mercury National Materials Handling Award for Best Green Initiative.

Underperforming waste lagoons move into the environmental risk management spotlight

Underperforming open industrial waste water treatment lagoons are on the way out after more than a century, as industry counts the cost of their pollution, odours, leakage, energy wastage and relative inefficiency in fixing the problems they set out to address.

Dairy leader employs DAF treatment to achieve tough wastewater targets

One of the world’s leading dairy product companies is achieving high efficiency discharge targets from a new $1.5 million wastewater treatment facility for treating effluent from its Southern NSW manufacturing site.

High-efficiency CST Rotary Screen advances 21st Century solids removal from industrial and municipal wastewater

CST Wastewater Solutions has introduced its latest-technology Rotary Drum Screen for high efficiency screening of industrial and municipal wastewaters.

Australia's Golden Circle boiler to use 90 per cent biogas

Australian canned fruit and fruit drinks company Golden Circle is planning to install a larger boiler to take better advantage of biogas produced from the anaerobic processing of wastewater from the factory’s food processing plant in Northgate, Queensland.

Bluetongue Brewery targets world's best practice in water usage

An environmentally sensitive brewery that makes more beer out of less water while using less energy has commenced production in the home of one of the world’s leading beer drinking countries, Australia.

CST Wastewater sets new benchmark with S&Ls 95 per cent grit removal down to 105 microns

Bathurst Regional Council supernatant recycling project demonstrates substantial water conservation

A major NSW regional council has introduced a supernatant recycling system into the filtration plant in the town water supply, helping to conserve potable water and providing substantial water savings over the long term.

Bluetongue Brewery Points Way to Water and Energy Gains

Clean and green brewery points the way to water and energy gains for food and beverage industry.

Green power generation turns wastewater treatment into cash cow

Green power generation turns wastewater treatment into a ‘cash cow’ - while also preserving the environment.

Cadia Valley Operations Set Gold Standard

Cadia Valley Operations set a truly gold standard of environmental care with FAST wastewater treatment for purification and recycling.

Anaerobic Waste Water Plant Brings Awards

 CST was amongst the finalists for two categories NSW Division of the Institute of Engineers annual awards

NSW Food Processor Uses CST's Innovative DAF To Achieve Demanding Discharge Targets

Further enhancements to 'world's best grit removal system' for wastewater treatment

Australia's Golden Circle boosts environmental benefits for Heinz and saves money as it steps up use of green energy biogas from wastewater

Combined Inlet Works - Screen and Grit Removal

New DAF system from CST Wastewater Solutions achieves highly efficient solids separation

Starch Producer Transforms Waste to Green Energy

CST Wastewater Solutions - Clarifier Success

2010 Australian Mining Prospect Awards finalists announced

Water Recycle Plant: New Bluetongue Brewery targets worlds best practice in water usage

Drinks leader Frucor energetically screens out wasteful wastewater treatment

New Screen Brochure

Cadia Valley Mine sets a gold standard of environmental care with FAST wastewater treatment for purification and recycling

Industry still flushing potential energy profits down the drain

Tube Settlers for Broken Hill Water Treatment Plant

Green power generation turns wastewater treatment into a ‘cash cow’ - while also preserving the environment

Drinking water UV disinfection technology wins certification to U.S. EPA standards

Grit and debris removal are essential for successful intensive sewage treatment

Environmental partnership chosen to set water reuse and green energy benchmarks at new Bluetongue Brewery

New Services Division - Talbot & Talbot

(January 2009)

New Brochure

New Queensland Office

Anglo Coal FAST®

Fine Screens Cairns, 2.0mm perforations

Berson UV Disinfectant, Sydney Water Brooklyn

Brush Aerators for Coolah Shire, Queensland

June 2008

Clarifier - 48m diameter

Berson UV

Micro Cloth Filters

Ballast Safe Fine Filter

Ozone Disinfection